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A screen grab from a grainy video taken by spectators shows a black cow about to round the corner from Price Main Street onto 300 North on Friday, police giving chase.

A local bovine made good on an escape attempt from a pasture near the 1800 block of E. 1000 S. on Friday.

The black cow was spotted at about 8 p.m. in a number of locations in Price before it made its way to Main Street where police caught up with the animal.

“The cow made it quite a little bit of distance,” said Capt. Bill Barnes of the Price Police Department. He said he and his wife spotted the cow near Airport Road and Main as they were leaving for an event.

One driver who called dispatch mistook the animal for a deer, which had pursuing police officers scratching their heads.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the animal, chased by police cars, lights flashing, turning off Main Street and onto 300 East near the Maverik convenience store.

The police cars were soon joined by two fun-loving citizens, one in a sedan, the other in an ATV, who attempted to thwart the cow’s escape, Barnes said.

Unfortunately, the vigilantes were more hindrance than help.

“The private vehicles almost ended up in a collision. That part is still under investigation. Citations may result,” Barnes said.

Eventually police cornered the cow near the tennis courts at Utah State University Eastern, but not before it lunged at the front end of a Utah Highway Patrol vehicle, causing minor damage.

As the animal was corralled, its owner showed up with a horse and trailer. The man, atop the horse, rope in hand succeeded in roping the cow and herding it into the trailer.

Despite his cowboy heroics, the cow’s owner was issued a civil citation at the scene, Barnes said.

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