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Storm cell moves Trail Mountain Fire out of boundaries

FERRON, Utah, June 7 —An unexpected thunderstorm passing through central Utah Wednesday afternoon spread the Trail Mountain Prescribed Fire across Cottonwood Canyon and onto East Mountain, where about 300 acres have burned. In order to obtain additional interagency firefighting resources, the fire was declared a wildfire. Additional crews, engines and air resources are arriving today, (Thursday).

The prescribed burning has halted. Efforts will now focus on containing the existing fire. Expect containment by Sunday. The spread of the fire has stopped in the green vegetation at the top of the mountain. It is now burning in the beetle-killed mixed conifer.

A temporary flight restriction order is in place over the fire due to aviation activities in the area. Drones are banned in the airspace above the fire. Flying drones or unmanned aircraft systems within or near wildfires without permission could cause injury or death to firefighters and hamper their ability to manage the fire.

Only fire personnel will be allowed within the burn area during firefighting operations. Fire personnel will continue to monitor the burn for its duration. Temporary closure of Forest Road 0040 (Cottonwood Canyon) has been implemented, as well as the closure of Forest Roads 0034, 2302, 2181, 2180, and 2182. Forest Trail 0051, the Trail Mountain CCC Trail is also temporarily closed. Closures are ordered for firefighter and public safety. Further closures may occur as necessary. Closures will remain in place until the fire is controlled.

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I want to thanks the forest service and the tree huggers for all destruction.


Thanks to the forest service and the tree hungers, for burning down the forest.


Its really scary to hear that Wildfire pushes down to Crandall Canyon. they take necessary action against before it reaches everywhere and highway. That was a brilliant ojob tehy carried out save many lives.
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