For decades, the big blue and white “C” on Wood Hill has been a symbol of pride for the Price community. Unfortunately, it has been weathered away to a faded past. But that is about to change thanks to a few individuals and local businesses.

Leif Nelson, a long-time resident of Carbon County who is spearheading the effort to repaint the “C” said, “A few of us in the community decided it was time that we repaint the ‘C’ on the hill. This will be a moral victory and will freshen up the city and make it more inviting.”

It has been proven in places such as New York City that a small thing as simple as cleaning up graffiti can improve crime rates, economy, and most importantly, pride in the community.

“People in the community are getting involved which, motivates others to get involved. There is a quote that says ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ we need an entire village to raise and lift a community” stated Desarae Stevenson at the Emery County Tourism office.

“The C stands for Carbon County and represents everyone in our community,” offered Bruce Bean, Principal at Carbon High. He added, “I am pleased to see this happening. I have had many students over the years come with proposals to repaint the C, but for safety reasons, the school has not put forth the manpower to get it done.”

A committee has been developed and a gofundme account has been set up to raise funds and paint the C. Several local citizens and businesses have come together and they have already raised over $1,000 and Art Rasmussen at Spectrum Paint is donating the paint to the cause and Boe Jensen at Electrical Contractors, inc. has donated the use of an 80’ manlift.

“Our goal is $5,000 which will allow us to freshen it up on a continuing basis and even add lighting,” commented Nelson.

He added, “If we can get each Carbon graduate to donate a dollar, $5, or more, we would have plenty to keep this as a shining symbol in our community for years.”

The committee is asking for volunteers, safety equipment, and tools to paint the “C” on June 30th. If you are interested in helping, contact Leif Nelson in advance at Each person that will work on the lift will need safety equipment and training prior to June 30th.

As efforts to bring new families, increase commerce and tourism, and reduce crime and make this a better place continue, painting the C will be a clarion call to our citizens that small efforts one person at a time, produce the greatest results. Just as a brick wall is built one brick at a time, pride in our community is built by one small act at a time.

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The county has been improving exit 241 as the gateway to the area.
The other two entrances into Price need some beautification. I would suggest the time and money be put into those areas instead. This is not attractive. Why not work with some local artists, and call on the Landscape Architecture dept from USU to come up with some long range plans for the entire county.


This is a bad idea. Historically, this is not the rock-face that was originally used for the "C". When I first saw it in its new location, I could not believe how ugly it was and how it cheapened the whole town. These formations on Wood Hill are quite interesting and naturally beautiful and change their appearance throughout the day. I was thrilled to see it fade away. I cannot imagine that this would attract anyone enough for them to say, "Hey look, this town loves to plaster graffiti on their promontories. Man, would I love to live in a town that thinks this is cool."
This is no better than scratching your name in formations in National Parks, shooting holes into highway signs, or keeping tons of dirty, rusting machines in your side-yards that you only use once a year.
Companies and new residents should be impressed with the recreational facilities that the cities and county have built over the past two decades and realizing that the Price River is an asset.
I highly recommend you put your efforts into these projects, and helping homeowners clean up their properties because this is a non-starter.

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