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Wild winds blow out power for 1,600 homes

The gale snapped a power pole in East Carbon like a twig.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Roaring winds damaged power poles and equipment in Price, Wellington and East Carbon Friday night, knocking out power for approximately 1,600 customers.

Secondary repairs would cause a second outage in East Carbon, causing more than 300 residents to be without power into early Saturday morning.

On Monday morning, Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson Jeff Hymas reported that the outages in Price and Wellington were caused by a single damaged pole near the intersection of Ridge Road and U.S. Highway 6.

Reports of a second downed line turned out to be cable television line, which was dealt with by the area's local television provider.

Hymas said that power was restored to most Wellington and Price residents by 8:55 p.m.

In East Carbon, a broken power pole caused an outage affecting 300 customers. Power was restored almost immediately but damage caused to the pole would darken the eastern county's lights once again on Friday.

"At about 10 p.m. Rocky Mountain Power crews were forced to take the power down in East Carbon to fix damage caused by a wind storm earlier in the evening," said Hymas.

RMP crews took the power down until 1:33 a.m. on Saturday to fix the issue, leaving the same 300 customers who had lost power earlier Friday night without lights once again.

According to Hymas, crews were forced to replace the pole at the intersection of State Road 123 and 124 which they had only repaired originally.

When facing power issues, Rocky Mountain Power customers can call 888-221-7070 for information about the outage or to report a loss of power. Residents can also go online to

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